Martial Tao

This is the post excerpt.

This website will offer videos that I find about martial arts. I love taking inspiration from Kungfu movies and Sanda fights and all kinds of different martial arts.

Personally, I am an active brown belt in Brazillian Jiujitsu and have been kickboxing for about 10 years now and continue to do so. I have several full contact MMA fights. Prior to that I have practiced Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun, Tai Chi and Yoga.

I believe in aliveness during training and full contact sparring.


If you read the previous post and immediately lost all respect for weapon fighting, I do not blame you. There are a lot more realistic people though as shown here in an example of another style made up by portly middle aged white guys. But you know what, they kept with what they knew and developed bartitsu, a style of fighting with your cane.

Now while the idea behind this style is outdated and silly, I respect it 100% because of the way they seem to train: These guys seem to spar with all resistance, allowing grappling moves as well as the canes themselves and I also saw punches. This aliveness is what makes a martial art and these Bartitsu guys at least seem to train right, however few people still carry walkingcanes around.

Mysterious Sword

This is a video reminiscent of any of the videos where a middle aged out of shape guy explains all the secret combat applications hidden in the classic master karate form. This guy is a different breed though as he, much like many of the wing chun takedown defense videos, has someone simulate a style of fighting (Which they do not know at all) so they can show their style’s countermoves. Usually this is Brazilian jiujitsu or wrestling with a shot taken from two cities over but sometimes it is a boxer who wears his gloves in the street.

This master swordsman however, found a genuine knight. Watch.

Kung fu business master at work

I am calling this guy a kung fu business master because that is what he does; he works hard for his business, not for his martial arts. The sure sign of a Bullshido style of martial arts is when your biggest chief demonstrates it in a suit and doesn’t sweat in it when fighting people. This is such a recurring motive, it is basically a meme by this point.

If a guy in a business suit shows partner compliant drills that are too good to be true, then your style is (almost assuredly) bullshit. Why does he not wear his school’s uniform (or lack thereof)?

Imagine if all those young dudes he manages to get to line up and clap for him actually learned a real martial art where they learned to actually fight (Boxing, wrestling, Judo, Sanda, whatever) he’d have an incredibly impressive school. A real waste of talent there.


I generally think Systema is like worse aikido, but this guy makes it seem like it is legitimate. Maybe I am just intimidated like his uke who basically feeds this monster man specific attacks. It is clearly not a live drill but this man scares me.