Mysterious Sword

This is a video reminiscent of any of the videos where a middle aged out of shape guy explains all the secret combat applications hidden in the classic master karate form. This guy is a different breed though as he, much like many of the wing chun takedown defense videos, has someone simulate a style of fighting (Which they do not know at all) so they can show their style’s countermoves. Usually this is Brazilian jiujitsu or wrestling with a shot taken from two cities over but sometimes it is a boxer who wears his gloves in the street.

This master swordsman however, found a genuine knight. Watch.

Dojo Storms gone wrong

Fresh of the street people versus the enforcer or teacher of the academy spliced together so you only have to watch one video.

I do not really like it when people get knocked out/brain damaged on purpose, but I understand these people as well. It gets really old having to prove your Martial Arts all the time to everyone coming in. When drunks or bums that will take advantage of your free week start being problem students, or just rude, they need to get policed. In grappling you can control them easily, but you can’t do that as safely with a striking art.

Sanda Amateur Fights

These are some amateur sparring videos from a kung fu group doing a style I am not entirely sure of. I always like watching amateur videos as you can see what the average person picks up from a style. Sometimes they have an interesting technique or style that is harvestable. I haven’t seen anything here as most of the people here don’t spar seriously enough. They probably don’t spar often enough.