Kung fu business master at work

I am calling this guy a kung fu business master because that is what he does; he works hard for his business, not for his martial arts. The sure sign of a Bullshido style of martial arts is when your biggest chief demonstrates it in a suit and doesn’t sweat in it when fighting people. This is such a recurring motive, it is basically a meme by this point.

If a guy in a business suit shows partner compliant drills that are too good to be true, then your style is (almost assuredly) bullshit. Why does he not wear his school’s uniform (or lack thereof)?

Imagine if all those young dudes he manages to get to line up and clap for him actually learned a real martial art where they learned to actually fight (Boxing, wrestling, Judo, Sanda, whatever) he’d have an incredibly impressive school. A real waste of talent there.


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